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Hey There Achieving Balanced Well-being Cohorts...

Thank you for being here today. From our oldest members who’ve been diligently supporting us since the beginning as well as every new face. We are committed to helping you achieve a brighter, more mindful future. 

About Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is a course facilitator for the Pacific Institute’s “Achieving Balanced Well-being Program” a new online course for high performance thinking. Just like an athlete trains their bodies; we can train our minds to enhance our performance. We have solutions for every organization. Individuals adapt to change if they see value in it, just like culture is the shared way of thinking, behaving, or working, think of this as a collective mindset, creating new ways of thinking will impact all aspects of your culture and organization, so our tools and the processes are designed to sustain the new levels of performance within your culture for years to come. 

Mark worked at the Pacific Institute from 1985-1987, where he first learned the tools that would change his life forever. Mark had the great fortune of working alongside the founder Lou’s brother and his wife on a family application project called the Intelligent Heart. 

Mark is a divorcee and the proud father of two remarkable boys Jack and Carson who he raises fulltime. Mark loves to travel, ski, hike, waterski, scuba dive and enjoys taking his family and friends out on his boat. Marks sons Jack and Carson were born on the same day of March 6th, two years apart, what are the odds of that happening, as Mark would say, “it was a sign”.  Mark found himself at a point in his life pondering over what the future would look like as a single father, raising two young boys, he decided after a successful career in commercial real estate for over 15 years in the Washington area, he would take a hiatus from work and focus solely on his family, missing out on precious moments with his boys just wasn’t an option for Mark. “I was truly blessed and understood what a gift this time in my life was".


In the fall of 2007, Mark decided to go back to work in real estate, however during that time the recession hit, and real estate wasn’t a viable option.  Mark had always been quite the handy man, and so he bought three lots, designed, and built one house per year including his own home from the ground up. In 2007 Mark partnered with his eldest brother to become the Vice President of his painting company Greg Anderson’s painting and drywall in the greater Puget Sound area, the company has grown substantially since these two powerhouse brothers teamed up. 

When the Pandemic hit, like a lot of people feeling the confinement in their lives, Mark made the decision to reconnect with his old friend John McNeal who he had met through the Pacific Institute. John introduced Mark to his new program Achieving Balanced Well-Being, intrigued, Mark completed the online Achieving Balanced Well-Being course and discovered a new appetite for life, it was so impactful, Mark decided to get involved, sharing the Achieving Balanced Well-Being course with friends and family. When Mark saw the same enthusiasm in them that he had experienced, he knew he had made the right decision to join forces with John and his team in becoming a group facilitator himself. 

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